About the Pennsylvania Psychology Law Exam

The Pennsylvania Psychology Law Exam

After you have passed the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP), you will be required to take and pass the Pennsylvania Psychology Law Exam (PPLE) to be able to practice Psychology in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Scheduling the PPLE Test

PPLE Test Format

PPLE Test Content

Here is a brief overview of the content of The Act:

Section 1: Declaration of Policy

Section 2: Definitions

Section 3: Necessity for License

Section 4: (Repealed)

Section 5: (Repealed)

Section 6: Qualifications for License

Section 7: (Repealed)

Section 8: Refusal, Suspension, or Revocation of License

Section 9: (Repealed)

Section 10: (Repealed)

Section 11: Penalties and Injunctions Against Unlawful Practice

Section 12: Out-of-State Licensing

Section 13: (Repealed)

Section 14: Severability

Section 15: Renewal; Fees; Records

Section 16: Reinstatement of License

Section 17: Surrender of Suspended or Revoked License

Section 18: Impaired Professional

This overview is brief, and it is strongly recommended that you read through the actual Professional Psychologists Practice Act for further information. See our online PA Psychology Test resources page for relevant links.